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Scripture:  “They are no longer two but one.”     Matthew 19:6

Photo courtesy of Kenn Anderson


There comes a time when we decide to share in a permanent relationship with a partner, fiancé, or friend. Marriage is looked at in the Church as a binding covenant between two people. It is to be taken seriously because of the ties that it creates between partners.

With the busyness of couples today, as well as sometimes the distance between many, more time is required in preparation. The first of the steps to this sacrament is make a contact with the pastor one year in advance of the wedding date. The initial appointment with the pastor begins the process. Subsequent appointments can be made with a pastoral delegate or a parish married couple trained in marriage preparation through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Couples need to provide baptismal certificates within 6 months of the marriage, witnesses that can testify to their freedom, and the couple needs to provide their own witness to their understanding of marriage. The Liturgy needs to be prepared involving the music minister and members of their own family or wedding family. If a couple requires a dispensation, additional affidavits will be needed. And if a party of the couple needs an annulment, this will add as much as a year more to the preparation time. This can be discussed at the time of or after the time of the initial appointment.

We are here to work with you though along your journey faith together. We try to understand how important the blessing of the Church is for you at this time in your life. Call the Parish Office (414-464-5033) for an appointment, as needed for the couple by the pastor. Preparations for weddings and marriage vary.