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Multi-Cultural Commission

Scripture:  “Love God above all else, and love your neighbor as yourself.”     Matthew 22:37-39
                  “Whatever you do to the least of God’s people, you do to Me.”       Matthew 25:40


Mission:  Our mission is to help others accept all cultures, by recognizing the diversity of our Faith Community and our neighborhood.

Vision:  We believe that we should love God above all else, and whatever we do for the least of God’s people, we do for Him.

If you would like to be involved in our Commission, please come to one of our meetings. Our meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Parish Center.

If you decide not to actually join our group but want to be part of helping to make these events happen, contact Mike or Phil through the Parish Office.

Meeting schedule subject to change ... please check the parish calendar for current schedule.


What Are We?

We promote this awareness, acceptance, and appreciation through the many events that we have throughout the year.

Each year before Lent we have the “Mardi Gras of Cultures” event.

In October, there is our “Getting to Know Us” event.

We promote Outreach and Evangelization in the Community through our participation in the Faith Based Organizations that meet and work with Police District 4 and 7, which extends our Parish presence into the Community and among other local Churches.

We participate in and host various Prison Ministry programs at the Parish, including Restorative Justice Circles, Doing Time Together, and others.




Blessed Savior Parish Outreach and Evangelization

Our Multi-Cultural Commission joined our Faith Based Organization Partners and Police District 4 for an outdoor family movie and a fall harvest and health fair. Mike Malloy, Phil Kremsreiter and Val Fernando promoted our school, parish, and prison ministry. To be part of these efforts, contact the parish office at 414-464-5033.