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Other Information and Opportunities:
  • The Multi-Cultural Commission collaborates with the Congregation of the Great Spirit, a Native American Parish, to support their food pantry and other outreach programs.
  • We collaborate with the Parish St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, which serves our immediate neighborhood.
  • We partner with the Parish Human Concerns Commission, providing Christmas stockings and other events.
  • There are tutoring opportunities available at the Parish School sites.
The Multi-Cultural Commission sponsors Cultural Awareness events each year.
  • Mardi Gras of Cultures” promotes cultural food and entertainment from different cultures each year, just prior to Lent.
  • Come Celebrate Our Diversity” promotes awareness of the cross-cultural backgrounds of all Parishioners, each June, with information, games and fun socialization.
  • Getting To Know Us” promotes awareness of other cultures through presentation and discussion, each October.

You do not need to be a member of the Multi-Cultural Commission to be part of any of these activities.

Parish and Community Outreach Activities and Opportunities

The broadest Parish Outreach and Evangelization in our neighborhood is our support of the Faith Based activities with Police District 4 and Police District 7.
Villard Ave is the boundary between these Districts, there-fore the Blessed Savior Parish area is in both Police Districts.
  • In Police District 4, the Faith Based Group is referred to as “Faith Based Organizations (FBO).
  • In Police District 7, the Faith Based Group is referred to as “Faith Based Initiative” (FBI).
These are both coalitions of various Churches and Faith Based Organizations that work together in our neighborhood communities. Several parishioners are very active in each of these groups.