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Christian Formation

Blessed Savior and Saint Agnes Parishes
Joint Christian Formation 2020-2021 Registration Form


We invite those who would like to help as catechists to, please, give us a call at Blessed Savior parish office (414) 464-5033.  Let us know of your interest in being a catechist and which grade level you are interested in teaching. Guidance and teaching resources will be provided for our catechists.

Additionally, we have started Registration for the 2020/21 Christian Formation program.  We encourage parents and guardians of children currently in our catechetical program and of those wishing to join the program to complete the Registration form.  We want to see our high school children continue their Confirmation Journey as well.

Please register your children ASAP. We have on-line registration available so it’s quick and easy. Click here for the link.

If you are still unsure about in-person formation for your children we can provide materials for you to do at-home formation. Our materials are easy to use and you might even learn a few things yourself! How great is that!

We still need you to register your children even if you request at-home formation. Please register ASAP using the link here.

Adults who have not been baptized or received the sacraments of initiation, Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation, as well as children above the age of seven who have not been baptized, are welcome to join our preparation program for the sacraments of initiation (RCIA). We hope that after their preparation, they will be ready to receive these sacraments at the Easter Vigil.  Please call Blessed Savior parish office (414) 464-5033.

Hugs, Grace and Blessings,

Yolanda Coly

Interim Christian Formation Coordinator

Joint Christian Formation 2020-2021 Registration Form


Please click here to download the Joint Christian Formation 2020-2021 Registration Form.