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2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal

Many Hands. One Vision.

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal, the annual fundraising campaign of the ten-county Archdiocese of Milwaukee, supports Catholic life throughout southeastern Wisconsin. The Appeal provides Catholics opportunities to support a wide range of ministries and programs that benefit more than 500,000 people each year.

Our Catholic faith calls each of us to respond to the needs of others by sharing God’s love. The Catholic Stewardship Appeal provides an important way for us to put our faith into action. It is an invitation to meet the needs of the community across the ten counties of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. There is no better, more convenient way to participate in making lives better than through the Appeal.


To view this year's Catholic Stewardship Appeal video, find additional information, or to electronically donate, please visit the Archdiocese's Catholic Stewardship Appeal webpage here.

Appeal Funded Ministries

Contributions to the annual $8.1 million Catholic Stewardship Appeal are restricted for use in four key areas of ministry:

Serving Those in Need

Strengthening Parish Ministries and Promoting Evangelization

Supporting Catholic Schools and Parish Religious Education

Forming Priests, Deacons and Fostering Parish Leadership

Each area includes distinct and essential services that form an important part of what the Church in southeastern Wisconsin does to serve God. Gifts to the 2021 Appeal are used solely to support these ministries and shall be kept separate from other assets of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

A total of $8.1 million for the 2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal is the amount needed to conduct the Appeal and fund the various ministries described below. If more than that amount is raised, the excess will be used for one or more of the ministries described to provide expanded services. If the goal is not, some ministries described below will be funded at lower levels or may have to be suspended.


For the full list of ministries supported by the Catholic Stewardship Appeal  - please click here.