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Advent Reflections

As we prepare for the coming of our Lord, let these meditations help guide your journey ... 



Advent I – “Watch”

At the beginning of Advent each year, we hear the same messages: be prepared; be watchful; be alert; stay awake; be vigilant. What are we watching for? 


We watch… because we do not know when God is going to show us something new, ask something new of us, or give us new insights to God’s word!


Some of us might see our lives as “the same old, same old” – changing a diaper, preparing a meal, being a good listener… as though nothing ever changes.  However, everyday tasks done with intention become acts of self-giving love.


How easy it is to forget God IS with us. We are always waiting for God’s next move.


Advent calls: “Stay awake! Watch for this ever-present love within you and among you.

Click on the image to view the viedo
Click on the image to view the video.


Advent I -Watch
"Will to be watchful. Awaken to God's next move."

Advent II – "Wait"

It’s common to talk about how busy the Christmas season is. Each year it approaches us as though we had no idea it was coming.  No time to waste and certainly no time to wait with expectation. Still we might ask ourselves, what are we waiting for? What are we preparing for?

John the Baptist’s message: “Prepare the way of the Lord” calls us to be open to receiving God’s message and messengers, however they come to us. Right here. Right now.

Today’s messengers are many and varied, simply living their lives as best they can. They generously give of themselves:  someone donating a kidney, long-term caregivers extending kindness to the ill, parents unselfishly giving time to their children.

Jesus said, “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these.” It is then that God’s glory shines in every member of his body.

We wait for the glory of the Lord however it will be revealed to us in our everyday lives.

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Advent II -Wait
"Wait with expectation. Share your hope."